Episode 87: Adventure Gaming w/ Gaming Adventure Club

March 19, 2019

Hey guys I am on vacation so nothing funny goes here....

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Episode 86: r/SMM2TG ft. Redix C. Spab, Broadsword III and ChuckLikesPizza

March 12, 2019

This week Redix C Spab, Broadsword III and ChuckLikesPizza stop by the show to talk some Destiny.  It was a good show you should stop reading this and listen to it.

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Episode 85: The Inverse Lupo with Drewsky

March 5, 2019

This week the man, the myth, the spectral blades legend himself, Drewsky stops by the show.  Buckle up kids, there is a lot of good conversation that goes down this week.  I'll keep this short, check the links below and enjoy the show.

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Episode 84: Tubing 101 w/ Ghost and Nessi

February 26, 2019

This week Ghost Again and The Nessi joined the show for some laughs.  The talk went from snowboarding, to tubing, to.... well.... just take a listen. 

If you want to hit these dudes up they are on Xbox and in the DeathRX discord.  



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Episode 83: Old Dogs and Geography with Stu

February 19, 2019

This week Stu Gatz (@STU_GATZZO ) from Distinguished Gentleman Podcast (@DGentsPod ) joins the Admiral and Fluffy.  We talk videogames, dogs, beer, and geography.  Sorry other parts of Canada, you just aren't that cool.  

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Episode 82: The Easy Redrix

February 12, 2019

This week it's just Fluffy and Nips kicking some butt and taking names.  Nips has become a PvP Legend, and in this episode he spills the beans on how he has become the best of the best.

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Episode 81: The Hard Carry ft. Valluru

February 3, 2019

Friend of the show and AdmiralNip's video game big brother Val stopped by the show this week.  It always makes for a great show when a good friend is on the mic with us.  I hope you enjoy the episode.  If you are looking for a hard carry, Val is most likely in Xbox Live party with AdmiralNips. This episode is dropping a bit early this week while Fluffy sneaks off on vacation.  

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Episode 80: Crack Open A La Guntahs ft. RNG_Gator

January 29, 2019

This week Gator stops by the show with a case of La Guntahs and things get all crazy up in here!

@RNGGator is a member of the discord (he's in most of the community discords) and a friend on Xbox.  Jump in the discord and say hi to Gator.

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Episode 79: Handling Your Package w/ ElmmerFudd

January 22, 2019

Listen guys, this is important.... ElmmerFudd has trapped me in his basement.  I cannot free myself.  This message is my only hope for freedom.  Please... someone contact John Mcclane.  He is the only person that can save me at this point.  John is the key to all of this.........



IF you like to be trapped in basements too - @ElmmerFuddGames 



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Episode 78: It’s Puzzling ft. BurningWing and BanDavis

January 15, 2019

Hey check out @BurningJorts  and @bigdaddydavis99 on those twitter links right there.... they are cool dudes.

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